Digital resources
Digitisation began with the recovery of images relating to the printer’s/publisher's devices and extended first to the recovery of title pages and colophons to complete the bibliographical information and then to the reproduction of the text of the dedications, with the addition of preliminary leafs, incipits and other leafs of bibliological and bibliographical significance.
The database contains over 71,900 reproductions from three collections:
  • Title pages and colophons of 16th century Italian editions: 59,990 images relating to 32,686 titles

  • Italian printer’s/publisher’s devices of the 16th century: 2,820 images of printer’s/publisher’s devices

  • Dedications of 16th century Italian books: 4,744 images of 1,444 dedications.

In 2007, the activity of linking full digital copies to the Census editions started.  Currently more than 20,000 hyperlinks link 13,000 bibliographic descriptions to the digital version of the copies held by various Italian and foreign institutions.